Organization: The Street Trust

Job​ ​Title: Bilingual (Spanish) Safety Educator

Reporting​ ​To: Education Director

Rate​ ​of​ ​Pay: $15.00–$17.50/hour (Negotiable)

Status: ​Part-Time Seasonal for December - February for schools with Spanish Speaking classes, approximately 6-8 schools (estimate only)

Location: Portland, OR

Start Date: As soon as possible in December or January

Vision​ ​Statement:

We envision a region where all those who call our community home embrace walking, biking and riding transit.

Executive​ ​Summary:

The Street Trust is a non-profit membership organization with a mission to advocate for healthy and thriving communities where it is safe and easy for people to bike, walk, and ride public transit.

The Bilingual Safety Educator is responsible for delivering The Street Trust’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Education programs and curriculums in Spanish and English at 27-40 Portland schools. These programs are fun and exciting to teach to kids. We help them become more independent and safe in their communities. We teach this program to develop their skills so that they are safe when biking/walking on their own, with friends, with family, and so that they avoid any dangers on t the roads. We are excited to present these needed education programs to our school-based Spanish speaking communities.

Pedestrian Safety Education programs are delivered in two 45 minute lessons at 40 Portland schools by one instructor from The Street Trust with additional support from a classroom teacher. Bicycle Safety Education programs are delivered with one or two instructors from The Street Trust with additional support from a classroom teacher to teach 10 hours of the Safe Routes for Kids curriculum.

We will hire the Pedestrian Safety Educator to teach classes in Spanish and English from December - February with the option for continued employment during March - June to teach Bike Safety Education classes in Spanish and English.


  • Teach bike safety and pedestrian safety education in Spanish and English
  • Assist other Educators in teaching bike safety education by: Supporting the lead instructor during intersection practice, providing logistical support when taking kids on bikes to a from a school, and helping the lead instructor design and implement on street and playground drills.
  • Demonstrate ongoing commitment to racial equity through working in racially diverse settings and working with diverse communities.
  • Build community support for bike and pedestrian safety education and The Street Trust as assigned.
  • Engage program volunteers.
  • Report activity to the Education Director.
  • Attend required meetings and trainings.
  • Report logistical needs including equipment and supply inventory and maintenance.
  • Participate in maintenance and movement of fleet bicycles.
  • Participate in team accountability structure.

Minimum​ ​Job​ ​Requirements:

  • Proficiency in Spanish and English, ability to speak, read and write in Spanish and English.
  • Punctual
  • Patient
  • Engaged
  • Ability to effectively work with kids
  • Exhibits interest in creating livable, healthy, and sustainable communities.
  • Able to walk or use a mobility device for one mile.
  • Able to ride a bike or an adaptive bicycle five - ten miles in one day.
  • Ability to included Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in your work, to work proactively to address inequities and build an internal and external culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Because this is a Bilingual position, there will be a test of candidates proficiency in Spanish and English during the interview process.

The Street Trust is an equal opportunity employer. We strongly believe that relevant experiences are better indicators of performance than educational degrees. All employees must be team-oriented. We love people who bicycle, walk, and/or take transit but do not hire based on how people get to work but on how they will suit this position and the skillset we seek. We do expect that our employees embrace our mission and vision for creating healthy, thriving, and more just communities.

Candidates of color are strongly encouraged to apply. The Street Trust is committed to building a culturally diverse and inclusive environment. The organization is committed to racial equity across the organization: in our service to stakeholders, in our workforce composition and practices, and in our organizational culture. While still seeking to improve our demonstration of this commitment, candidates should know that racial equity is a cornerstone of our commitment to all communities in the region.

To apply send resume and cover letter to The position will be open until filled.