We’re a platform to post jobs and attract a diverse and bilingual talent pool.

Our Story

When we had just graduated from college, many of our friends kept leaving Oregon for other states that were better at recruiting bilingual, diverse candidates. So we launched out of our Beaverton apartment, a bilingual recruiting company, and eventually a bilingual staffing company to retain bilingual talent. We were successful in retaining some great talent here who now are doing great things all across the state and the country.

As entrepreneurs we’ve never been satisfied with the status quo. So through the years we’ve evolved BilingualHire to list bilingual and diverse jobs, and make it easy for employers hire them.

Bilingual job board as it should be

We dreamt of software that makes it easy to post a position, and expedite the hiring process. For as little as $50 per post (30-day) we want to make it extremely affordable and risk-free to employers.

Thank you for stopping by. We welcome your thoughts and product feedback, and look forward to hearing from you.

Our Team

Edith Molina Edith Molina Co-Founder/CEO

I co-founded Oregon's first bilingual recruiting and staffing company years ago. Then my business partner had an interesting idea to turn some of those services into an app. And, here we are. I also run the annual ThinkMujer Summit that brings professional Latina women together from throughout the northwest for a day of learning and sharing. More about Edith Molina here.